Situations Where An OEM Windshield Is The Best Option


If you have a crack in your windshield, then you should invest in a replacement. And, you should look at your options closely when deciding on the replacement that is best for you. Typically, you will have the option of picking between an OEM and an aftermarket windshield. While aftermarket windshields are cheaper, they are not always suggested. Keep reading to learn about the circumstances where OEM windshields are best.  You Have Sensors

3 January 2019

Are You Remodeling The Guest Bathroom?


Are you now an empty nester? Perhaps your kids have grown up and now have homes and families of their own. If so, you've probably been thinking that the bathroom they used can now be turned into a very nice guest bathroom that will be used for out-of-town guests, maybe even your own grown children and grandchildren. From selecting a glass shower enclosure to selecting the decor for your guest bathroom, here are some ideas that might help you.

15 November 2018

Common Myths Regarding Your Vehicle's Windshield


Owning and operating a vehicle can become time-consuming and costly. Not only will you need to pay for the vehicle, but you also need to spend time and money on maintenance and repairs. Oil changes, new tires, and even replacing your windshield wiper blades are all necessary tasks to keep your vehicle running properly, but ensuring your windshield is in good condition is also important. By learning the truths behind these common myths, you will be able to understand the essential nature of your vehicle's windshield.

20 September 2018

Own Your Home? Why You Should Get New Glass For Your Windows


Good maintenance is a key aspect of home ownership. Purchasing the house was the first step, but keeping it looking just as wonderful as the day you were given the keys is a totally different thing. Your home should be your castle, and it all starts by paying attention to the details. It's easy to overlook the windows, but they can make a big difference in the way your home functions.

17 September 2018

How To Fix Windshield Chips


Small chips on your windshield are usually the result of tiny rocks from the road. You don't even need to drive on dirt roads to end up with a few of these rock chips on your car. Obviously, chips on your car body can be easily fixed with touch-up paint, but what do you do about chips in the glass? Many people don't realize that windshield glass is far more than just a single pane of glass.

4 September 2018

Why Glass Is The Best Bathroom Material


Few materials are so well suited for a particular room as glass is to the bathroom. As far as the bathroom is concerned, glass isn't just a functional material, it also has the aesthetic qualities you'd want in such a room. Bathrooms have evolved a lot in recent times. Once upon a time, these rooms were simply meant to be functional. Nowadays, they serve a bigger role, and they're an important part of the message when you need your home to make a statement.

17 August 2018

3 Benefits You'll Enjoy After Installing Frameless Shower Doors


Stepping into a hot shower when you first wake up in the morning is a great way to get a burst of energy. The water trickles all over your body, invigorating your skin and compelling you to come alive and start your day. The only issue you may have with your shower stall is the aftermath. Dirt and grime can so easily build up on a shower curtain or door that runs on a track.

5 August 2018