Are You Remodeling The Guest Bathroom?


Are you now an empty nester? Perhaps your kids have grown up and now have homes and families of their own. If so, you've probably been thinking that the bathroom they used can now be turned into a very nice guest bathroom that will be used for out-of-town guests, maybe even your own grown children and grandchildren. From selecting a glass shower enclosure to selecting the decor for your guest bathroom, here are some ideas that might help you.

​A Glass Shower Enclosure - Is the shower in your guest bathroom part of a bathtub? If so, in the past you might have been using shower curtains. While those can be very pretty, they may not be very durable. Consider purchasing a glass enclosure for your bathtub-shower. Perhaps you are doing a really large remodel job. If so, maybe you are rearranging the existing space in order to accommodate a separate shower. If that's the case, think of buying glass cubes for the shower enclosure. These can give a unique, open look to the bathroom.

If you'd rather stick to a regular glass shower door, think of buying one that has hardware on it that will complement the hardware on your bathroom cabinetry. Shower doors are super easy to maintain. Simply spray them with window cleaner and use a squeegee to get water drops off. 

The Guest Bathroom Decor - Are you wanting a look that both adults and children would like? For example, if your grown kids will sometimes visit and bring your grandchildren along, you'll more than likely want the bathroom to look nice for adults and little ones. Think of selecting something like a beach theme. By doing that you can buy things like metal lighthouses or metal sailboats and pictures of beach related items for the bathroom walls.

Another idea is to select a vehicle theme. If you did that, you could get pictures of vintage cars, trains and even vintage bicycles to put on the walls. Select towels that go with the theme you have selected. For example, if you chose a beach theme, consider buying towels of colors like turquoise that will be reminiscent of the ocean, sky blue or beige that will represent sand. it you chose the vehicle theme, think of buying towels of the different colors that are in the decor you bought. For example, if you included a fire engine in the decor, red towels would be perfect.


15 November 2018

Cleaning Glass More Effectively

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