Are You Establishing A Guest Bathroom?


Are you planning the guest bathroom in a brand-new home? Maybe you are turning a kid's bathroom into a guest bathroom because you are now an empty nester. No matter the scene, do you already have every detailed planned? If that's not the case, perhaps you are looking for ideas. From selecting a frameless glass shower door to the other decor, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Frameless Glass Shower Door - Does the bathroom have a separate tub and shower? Or, it might be that the shower is part of the bathtub design. Either way, consider installing a frameless glass shower door. It's true that shower curtains can be beautiful and easy to replace. However, the replacement costs can add up, right? And, what about the way shower curtains often stick to your legs while you're trying to get yourself clean? 

Besides being beautiful, frameless shower doors are so easy to install that you can probably do the job yourself. However, if you're not comfortable doing that, the company where you purchase the shower door will be happy to do the job for you. The job will be done rapidly and efficiently. Frameless glass shower doors are also very easy to maintain. Just use the same cleansers that you use on your bathroom mirrors. A squeegee will help to keep the glass clean, too.

Additional Bathroom Decor - If they're in good shape, you're more than likely keeping the same cabinets and the same countertops for the guest bathroom, right? Maybe you want to give the cabinets a different look. For example, perhaps you want to establish a contemporary feeling in the guest bathroom. If that's the case, think of painting the cabinets white and adding a black trim. Or, choose black for the overall paint color, and then white paint for the trim. Consider selecting sleek, simple knobs for the cabinet doors. Either chrome or brass will work great. 

Maybe you want a country look in the bathroom. If that's the case, think of painting the cabinets barn red. Choose ceramic knobs that have farm animals as part of the design. If you want a super elegant look in the bathroom, choose off-white or pale gray for the cabinet paint. Ornate brass or pewter hardware for the cabinets would be perfect.

No matter the theme you want for your guest bathroom, the frameless shower doors will complement the theme. And, if you decide to change the theme later on, the glass doors will still look nice.


17 July 2019

Cleaning Glass More Effectively

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