How To Fix Windshield Chips


Small chips on your windshield are usually the result of tiny rocks from the road. You don't even need to drive on dirt roads to end up with a few of these rock chips on your car. Obviously, chips on your car body can be easily fixed with touch-up paint, but what do you do about chips in the glass? Many people don't realize that windshield glass is far more than just a single pane of glass. Using modern technologies, manufacturers make special glass that is strong, slightly flexible, and very unlikely to break. But, rock chips will occur on even the newest cars. Luckily, it is actually quite easy to repair most small rock chips in modern windshield glass. This article explains what you need, and how to properly patch tiny rock chips.

Using Repair Kits

To fix auto glass, you need a repair kit. It is very important to note that these repair kits are not for large cracks that go all the way across your windshield or penetrate through the entire piece of glass. They are only for chips on the outer surface.

Auto glass repair kits come with a few unique things that you need for the job. First of all, the kits will have a special, epoxy-based sealant. There's also a suctioned plunger that creates a seal with the glass as you squeeze it on. This suction enables you to fill in the cracked area completely with an airtight seal. This means that the epoxy will dry flat and even with the glass. There should be no bumps or ridges when it is dries.

Auto windshield glass is layered and tempered. It is unlikely to break because it is surrounded by clear plexiglass. This is why, if it does break, the glass breaks into small, round pebbles instead of sharp shards. Also, the glass will often stay attached to the outer plexiglass surface rather than shattering.

So rock chips usually just stay on the outer plexiglass, which is essentially all you need to patch. Even if the crack does actually reach the glass, the epoxy should bond it and hold the glass together so that the crack does not grow any bigger or splinter out.

Auto repair kits are easy to use, even for first-timers. They are extremely effective when it comes to preventing the future growth of cracks in your windshield. However, if you struggle to use the kit or have a larger crack, you should definitely contact an auto glass repair service in your area instead.


4 September 2018

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