Why Glass Is The Best Bathroom Material


Few materials are so well suited for a particular room as glass is to the bathroom. As far as the bathroom is concerned, glass isn't just a functional material, it also has the aesthetic qualities you'd want in such a room.

Bathrooms have evolved a lot in recent times. Once upon a time, these rooms were simply meant to be functional. Nowadays, they serve a bigger role, and they're an important part of the message when you need your home to make a statement. Glass goes a long way in helping to craft that message.

Glass is Functional

Materials used in the bathroom must meet a number of requirements. The most important of these is being able to survive in a moisture-rich environment without suffering any damage. As far as materials such as wood, concrete, vinyl, drywall, etc. are concerned, water can create a lot of issues. Although there are variations of these materials that fare better, they still have limits.

On the other hand, water has no effect on glass. Additionally, the smoothness of the material makes it easy to clean off any stains or dirt.

European showers take advantage of glass' simplicity and utility to create shower enclosures that are boxed in by glass. These showers are easier to clean and take up less space.

Glass Goes in Most Places

Your mirror isn't the only part of your bathroom that can be made of glass. There are tiles made of glass, and these can be used on the walls and floors. If you have showers in your home, you can go for glass shower enclosures either for the aesthetics or to keep moisture away from the rest of the bathroom. This means that you can enjoy all the positives of glass material in many ways.

Glass Comes in Many Forms

There are many different types of glass. You can have a simple clear glass or you can go for something stained, textured, translucent, shatterproof, etc. Because of the many forms that you can get your glass in, you're able to take advantage of this for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Glass Can Bring Out the Beauty in Your Bathroom

Glass is a beautiful material on its own. However, for your bathroom, you'll want a material that also accentuates the beauty of other features. Glass is very good at this. If you choose to go with clear glass, you can ensure that people can still see the beautiful wall tiles behind it. You can choose mirrored glass if what you're trying to highlight isn't behind the glass. Glass can also tie in different parts of the room.


17 August 2018

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