Situations Where An OEM Windshield Is The Best Option


If you have a crack in your windshield, then you should invest in a replacement. And, you should look at your options closely when deciding on the replacement that is best for you. Typically, you will have the option of picking between an OEM and an aftermarket windshield. While aftermarket windshields are cheaper, they are not always suggested. Keep reading to learn about the circumstances where OEM windshields are best. 

You Have Sensors

Aftermarket products like windshields are ones that are made by companies other than the one who made the vehicle or developed the windshield for the car your own. OEM means that the original manufacturer made the part and it is accurate and identical to the original part. This distinction may not seem important, but it is if the part you are buying needs to be exact to the one you are replacing. This is true of your windshield if it uses specific types of technology or utilizes safety advancements. 

For example, if your vehicle has a sensor or camera system that is part of the early collision detection system, then this will require an OEM windshield. This is also true of any lane departure, early breaking, or advanced cruise control systems. Car manufacturers state that anything but an OEM windshield can result in the failure of these systems. 

Other vehicle features that can be compromised due to aftermarket glass include noise reduction and anything that has a complicated electrical component. Defrosting systems may be classified as electronic components that are unique to the manufacturer.

You Are Concerned About Safety

Aftermarket suppliers are supposed to manufacturer windshields that meet the safety standards set out by the department of transportation, and there are minimum safety recommendations that need to be met. However, many vehicle manufacturers will go above and beyond when it comes to safety and will implement their own unique designs according to the vehicle model. 

Specific quality standards implemented by the car manufacturer are not required by the aftermarket supplier. So, if quality and safety are a concern of yours, then you should opt for the OEM windshield if you can.

In addition to safety, you can ensure that fit is exact. This may be important if your vehicle is a newer one with slight variations built into the windshield shape as an aftermarket variety simply may not fit the same way.

If you want to know more about windshield replacements and the best option for your repair, speak with an automotive glass specialist. 


3 January 2019

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