3 Benefits You'll Enjoy After Installing Frameless Shower Doors


Stepping into a hot shower when you first wake up in the morning is a great way to get a burst of energy. The water trickles all over your body, invigorating your skin and compelling you to come alive and start your day. The only issue you may have with your shower stall is the aftermath. Dirt and grime can so easily build up on a shower curtain or door that runs on a track. Why not make things easier for yourself so those showers can become even more pleasurable? Here are three benefits you can expect to get when you install frameless shower doors.

1. Less Cleanup Makes Life Easier

Who wants to spend their weekends on their hands and knees, struggling to loosen up the muck that has built up in the shower door track throughout the week? It's a hard task and one that can be extremely time-consuming. If you try to complete the activity without a very strong chemical spray it becomes even more difficult for you to get the job done. 

Free up more of your time by installing frameless shower doors. The doors do not run on a track and are suspended from the ceiling by a single bolt on each end. The dirt that would normally build up in the space between the tracks washes smoothly down the drain. If you spray the glass enclosure down with a shower cleaner after each use, you should find that it takes almost no maintenance to keep the shower looking as clean as a whistle.

2. Frameless Shower Doors Add A Touch Of Class

Modern bathrooms should be chic and polished, carrying a contemporary look that begs you to enter. If this is the look that you're going for frameless shower doors most definitely deliver. The bolts that uphold the doors are usually made from a beautiful stainless steel material that you can also use on your sink and shower fixtures. 

3. Make A Small Bathroom Look Much Bigger

If you want to make your small bathroom look bigger without having to completely renovate your house frameless shower doors are truly the way to do it. The glass is see-through, so the usual boundaries are no longer there. This gives the appearance of a much larger space.

After you put in your frameless doors, you might find yourself taking more showers than ever. Schedule a consultation with a glass company like Kauffman Glass and Mirror and get your doors put in right away.


5 August 2018

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