Bathroom Mirror Installation Tips For Children's Bathrooms


If your kids are lucky enough to have their own bathroom, then the bathroom needs to be set up with them in mind. For example, the decor should be something the kids can agree on. You cannot mix rainbows with Star Wars and have it work. Other details of importance include the bathroom mirror and medicine cabinet, which can be used for storing toothpaste and non-medicinal hygiene products. If you are not going to hire someone for bathroom mirror installation, be sure to follow these tips.

Check the Height of the Mirror on the Wall to the Height of Your Tallest Child

Either before or after you follow the above steps, make sure that the mirror is at your children's height, and not at your own adult height. Adults tend to forget that hanging a mirror in a children's bathroom involves hanging the mirror in such a way that the kids can use it. What typically happens is that adults hang the mirror for adult height in the children's bathroom, and then the children need a step stool or short stepladder to see into the mirror. If you do not want to rehang the mirror, have your tallest child stand in front of the wall so that you can establish the correct height for the mirror.

Use a Laser Level to Mark the Height of the Mirror on the Wall

  1. To hang a bathroom mirror, first use a laser light level to mark the top and bottom edges of the mirror on the wall.
  2. You can do this by turning on the laser level, setting the non-laser end against a vertical flat surface, such as a corner edge of the room or the door frame of the bathroom, and using a temporary adhesive to stick the laser to to the wall.
  3. Now, hang the mirror on the wall where you plan to hang it (e.g., above the sink, or on the wall opposite the sink or toilet). Someone may have to hold the mirror for you while you adjust the sight line of the laser light.
  4. The laser light casts a laser beam across the wall; you want the light to go right along the top of the mirror frame.
  5. Use a pencil to draw a line on the wall that follows the laser light. 
  6. To make sure that the mirror hangs evenly, follow the same steps to create a pencil line on the wall for the bottom of the mirror. These pencil lines will help you keep the mirror straight as you hang it.
  7. Once you have hung the mirror, erase the pencil lines.

If the backsplash of the sink prevents you from drawing a pencil line for the bottom of the mirror, just skip this step. For assistance, reach out to a bathroom mirror company like Econo Glass Systems.


31 July 2018

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