How To Choose A Shower Door Installation Team


In most bathrooms, shower doors always stand out. Whether it's because of their size or positioning, having the right shower door is vital to ensure your bathroom has the right aesthetics. However, choosing the right door is only the first part of the problem. You'll still need to pick the right team to put up your door.

When you're installing glass shower doors or something else as delicate, you can't afford any mistakes. This is why choosing the right team is something you can't compromise on. However, how can you tell that an installation team is right?


Installation of shower doors isn't always as easy as it looks. There are measurements that have to be gotten right, fasteners have to be installed in a certain way to ensure durability and a smooth finish, etc. Although the amateur installer may eventually get it right, you may not really have the time to wait for them to figure out what goes where.

An experienced installation team will have installed countless similar doors by the time they get to yours. This means that there's a good chance the job will be done faster and better. Always rely on an installation company like Master Glass & Mirror LLC rather than installing the doors yourself.

Customer Reviews

Customers will frequently review service providers, and these reviews encompass everything from the quality of the work done to the behavior of the workers around your home. Sometimes it's not the quality of the work that matters, but how the workers conduct themselves while working inside your home.

To find out what past customers think of the installation team, you can check online review sites and other sources. You can even talk to previous customers that you personally know.


Any competent service provider needs to be insured. Regardless of how experienced and skillful the installation team is, you can never completely rule out an accident. This could mean damage to the shower door they're installing or to something else in your bathroom or home.

If the installation team is insured, the cost of the damage will be covered. However, an uninsured training team could leave you with a hefty bill.

Proficiency With Particular Doors

There are many different types of shower doors, and these doors have different levels of complexity as far as installing them is concerned. It's not enough for a shower door installer to be experienced; it's also important that they be familiar with the specific type of door that you're going to install for your shower.


26 July 2018

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