Why Install Impact Doors And Windows?


When you live in a type of area that is prone to storm and other damage, this means you need to make sure your home is extra protected against the elements. Impact doors and windows are designed to take on the wind, heavy rains, hail, and other types of weather conditions that are serious concerns in your area. Learn why you should install impact doors and windows on your home.

Home Value

Any upgrade to your home can potentially increase its overall value. Adding impact doors and windows in particular may be able to give your home additional value because this is a custom and original install that most people won't think about. Your door and window installation expert will help you choose attractive yet durable storm and impact doors and windows that meet your needs and budget.

Insurance Savings

Your home insurance premium is based off the value of your home and any upgrades or accommodations you make to your property to make your home safer. Impact doors and windows are a huge safety benefit that can make your insurance premium go down or make your deductible for repairs lower.

Before you invest in impact windows and doors for insurance purposes, talk to your insurance agent to see what your savings will be. This way, you know how much money to spend on new doors and windows versus what you'll save.

Family Safety

Perhaps the best reason to install impact doors and windows is to protect your family during a storm. Your family will seek refuge inside your house when a storm hits, and you want to make sure doors won't smash open or window glass won't shatter.

Since impact doors and windows give your home added security and protection, you don't have to seek shelter from your home in the event of a major storm. When everyone else around you is boarding their windows shut and putting items in front of main doors to protect the family home, your window and door installations are doing their job to keep your home's foundation intact.

There are many reasons to install impact doors and windows in your home. Don't install these type of home upgrades on your own. Your door and window specialist will install units for you that meet your budget and storm impact needs. There are may styles of impact doors and windows on the market to meet your needs.


22 July 2018

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