Take A Look Outside: What's New In Windows


One of the best and most important inventions when it comes to buildings is the glass window. From old, solid stone buildings this new invention allowed for a great combination of light and the ability to see outside of the building from within, whether for scenic or security reasons. Over time, all aspects of the building process and materials have evolved and continued to improve. Windows are no exception. Both from an efficiency as well as aesthetic standpoint, windows have in the past and continue now to follow trends in popular culture. This continues in 2018 with styles and tastes dictating some interesting fads, such as:

  • Black Windows - Traditionally, almost all window casings have been either painted or molded in white. Now, a new trend is the switch to black-colored casings. This is becoming increasingly popular as minimalist trends are producing more white interiors. The black windows provide a nice contrast both on the inside and outside of the building. When combined with black shutters, this can have a dramatic effect on the exterior. 
  • Square Designs - Arch- shaped tops and panes on windows are a thing of the past and are being replaced by more square or rectangular shapes. While these can still be combined to form creative designs, the individual pieces consist almost exclusively of 4 right angles.
  • Large Windows - Outdoor living is quickly becoming a very popular trend. As people attempt to open their homes to more outdoor exposure, very large, expansive windows with minimal interior lines are appearing. This allows not only a very large, unobstructed view of the exterior, but the windows are often set up as pass-through windows that allows them to be opened so that tenants can enter and exit through the windows. This provides a whole new way to access a backyard or deck area.
  • Energy Efficiency - Efficiency has been a demand in windows for so long it is really not a trend, but in a time where energy prices are rising and concerns for the environment are more important, there is definitely a demand that new window designs are very efficient. Consumers even want evidence of energy conservation certification.

As new technology and designs continue to change what is popular and of the greatest value in the window world, the most important feature is the ability to be able to see and enjoy the world outside the window. Look into these options and more through a window company like Valley Glass Utility.


21 July 2018

Cleaning Glass More Effectively

After moving into a house with loads of windows, I knew that I would be spending a lot of time dealing with the problem. I wanted to make things right, so I started thinking about how to clean glass more effectively. I started focusing on keeping water from spraying on the windows, and then I worked on making sure that the glass stayed polished all of the time. I even hired a few of my kids to shine the windows periodically, which I felt really helped. This website is your new resource for all things glass, including how to keep them clean.