Are You Enclosing Your Patio?


You may use your outdoor patio a lot during the spring and summer months and maybe even into the fall. However, you have probably realized that by enclosing it you can use it during all twelve months, even when it's freezing cold during the winter months or during a downpour on a summer day. From arranging for glass installation services to selecting the furniture for your enclosed patio, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Walls - Have you ever looked at pictures in home decorating magazines and fallen in love with rooms that are surrounded by windows so that whoever is in the room can look outside? Perhaps you've been in elegant restaurants, hotels, or even office buildings and have seen the same thing. Consider having professionals install glass walls in your enclosed patio, too. By doing so, you can visually bring the outside of your house right indoors. Imagine looking out the glass wall to see snow falling or to see squirrels playing in the trees. Pretty neat that you can do that when you have professionals install glass walls, right? If you're concerned about where you will display things like paintings and photographs, think of buying attractive easels that will hold your favorite paintings. Just put photographs on tabletops. Besides, having nature to look at through glass walls is beauty enough, isn't it? If you do decide on glass walls, consider buying a special hose that has a device to help you clean windows as part of its design. 

The Furniture - Think of how you would decorate an outdoor patio and borrow ideas from that vision. For example, consider buying wicker furniture. A setting that includes a wicker sofa and occasional chairs along with a coffee table and end tables might be just perfect for your glass enclosed indoor patio. Consider, too, adding some original touches when you plan the furniture design. For example, wouldn't it be fun to have a hanging wooden bench swing in the room? Not only would it give you extra seating, but it would add interest to the room. Think of the accessories you will mix with the furniture. For example, consider bringing the outdoors into your house with the addition of lots of hanging plants and plants that are placed in pretty pots of different sizes and shapes. It might be fun, too, to have a wall fountain or a table fountain in the enclosed patio. Add decorative bird houses for a bit of whimsy. 


20 July 2018

Cleaning Glass More Effectively

After moving into a house with loads of windows, I knew that I would be spending a lot of time dealing with the problem. I wanted to make things right, so I started thinking about how to clean glass more effectively. I started focusing on keeping water from spraying on the windows, and then I worked on making sure that the glass stayed polished all of the time. I even hired a few of my kids to shine the windows periodically, which I felt really helped. This website is your new resource for all things glass, including how to keep them clean.