7 Ways Businesses Can Use Commercial Window Films


Are you thinking about investing in commercial window film? Are you wondering whether it's right for your business? The answer varies based on your circumstances, but you may be surprised at all the ways you can use window film. Take a look at these seven possibilities.

1. Sun Shading

The hot sun blaring in your business can be a distracting nuisance. If you run an office, the sunlight can get into your employee's eyes or make it hard to see their computer screens. Similarly, if people are shopping in your store or dining in your restaurant, they can become bothered by the glare coming through the window.

The exposure to the UV rays can also contribute to skin cancer. When you invest in commercial window films that offer sun shading, you get relief from both of these issues.

2. Energy Savings

Sunlight isn't just irritating. It can also heat up your building and drive up your energy costs. However, if you want to save money on cooling, commercial glass film can also help. For best results, you should go with transparent films with a mirror-like design.

3. One-Way Mirrors

If you like the glass-like look, you may want to opt for commercial films that function like one-way mirror. If you put these films on exterior windows, the film lets passersby see their reflection, but not into your store. That doesn't work for boutiques or stores where you want to showcases your wares in the windows, but it can be ideal for office buildings or restaurants where the occupants may want some privacy. It also creates a cool, upscale look on your building's exterior.

4. Privacy

One-way mirrors aren't the only option if you're trying to get privacy in your commercial facility. You can also use full-size decorative films to cover windows and create privacy. For instance, if you own a clothing store, you may want films of models wearing your designs. If you own a restaurant, you may want films that simulate the look of ivy winding through a wrought-iron fence or more abstract designs.

5. Branding

Commercial window films can also be used for branding. They don't just include large shaded films or images that cover the whole window. Instead, you can get decorative films in a variety of sizes. This can be a fun way to put your company's name on your windows, and if you're leasing the space, films are ideal because they can be lifted off. In contrast, window etching is permanent and may not be allowed by your landlord.

You can also use films to advertise new products, tell the public about a sale, or share other messages. Alternatively, you can use window films to tell people more about what happens inside your business. For instance, if you sell gourmet doughnuts and coffee, you may want window films in those shapes.

6. Promos

You may also want to use small window films as promotional items. You can print small copies of your business name and logo and sell them to people. Or, you can simply give away these films at special events or to your shoppers. If people stick your logo on their car or home windows, that gives you extra exposure.

7. Security

Some commercial window films can also boost your security. Essentially, these films are designed to hold your glass together. If someone vandalizes your windows by throwing a rock through them, security film can help to preserve the integrity of your windows.

Now that you're aware of the options, you simply have to decide if commercial window film is right for your business. To learn more, contact a company that sells commercial window film.


9 July 2018

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