4 Ways To Protect Your Auto Glass All Summer


Auto glass is important. Imperfections in your auto glass can make your car look unsightly. However, flaws can also make it harder for you to see out the glass, which introduces safety concerns. During the summer months, auto glass is especially vulnerable to damage. Make sure you know how to protect your windows from the intense heat.

1. Be a Smart Parker

Where you park has a lot to do with how well your auto class is protected during the colder parts of the year. Whenever possible, you want to avoid parking your car in an area where there is a great deal of sunlight. A garage is best, especially on hot days. However, if you can't park in a garage or a covered parking lot, you should at least try to park in a shaded area. 

2. Invest in a Quality Visor 

Window visors are great for reducing the temperature inside your car, but remember that all visors are not the same. To get the real benefit from using these devices, you need to invest in a quality selection. Look for a visor with actual UV fighting capabilities. A visor styled with your favorite team logo should not be your only selection criteria. You should also look for a visor that stays up on its own. A cheap visor that keeps falling down is useless.

3. Lower Your Windows

On extremely hot days, it may be a good idea to lower your windows. A small opening can help reduce the temperature inside the car. The hotter the glass, the more at risk it is for cracking. So, if you're able to keep the glass cooler, you can likely avoid damage altogether. You only need to lower your windows slightly. If you can stick your entire finger through the opening, the window is open too much. 

4. Turn on the A/C Slowly

As good as it feels, try not to turn the A/C on full blast when you first get into your car. Glass is durable, but it's also very fragile at the same time. If you cool your car too quickly, the hot glass can go into shock. Shocked glass often cracks, and if the glass already has damage, it could even shatter. You can turn the A/C on when you get in the car but keep it at a mid-level for a few moments.

Your efforts will go a long way in protecting your auto glass. However, if you do have damage to your windows, you need to rely on a professional. Take your car to an auto glass specialist for you all your repair needs. 


6 July 2018

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