How To Renovate Your Bathroom On A Budget


Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. However, you don't always need to spend a fortune to get the bathroom of your dreams. There are many ways of turning your bathroom into a nice, relaxing space without spending ridiculous sums of money. All it takes is making the right sacrifices and being a little creative.

Go Easy on the Tiling

Tile can turn your bathroom into a beautiful space, but when you're talking about artistic, high-quality tile, this could cost you a fortune. Instead of going all out on this type of tile, you can use it as an accent instead. The artistic tile will stand out more- and you can save money by using cheaper tiles for the rest of your bathroom.

Choose a Less-Expensive Countertop

A granite countertop for your bathroom is unlikely to cost you as much as the one in your kitchen. However, there are still ways of bringing down the cost further. There is a high demand for neutral colors, and this makes them more expensive.

Consider other color options for your granite instead. Alternatively, you can go for a granite slab that has visible imperfections. These imperfections lower the price, and they may not matter if that space will be taken up by the sink basin.


Nothing will give your bathroom a fresh look faster and cheaper than a fresh coat of paint. As simple as it sounds, painting can be quite effective if done correctly. Use a high-quality paint with a satin finish to limit the growth of mildew and mold.

Update Fixtures and Components

Replacing your whole shower can cost you a lot of money. However, adding a glass shower enclosure can update the look of your bathroom without costing as much. In the same spirit, instead of replacing whole sinks, cabinets, and bathtubs, you can replace components such as sink handles, towel racks, and drawer handles.

Buy Used  

Instead of getting a brand new bathtub, consider going through sites like Craigslist and eBay for good quality used options. There are many places where you can get bathroom accessories including mirrors and toilets for much less than the price of new ones. You can also get up-cycled items on other sites.

Replace the Grout and Caulk

The caulk around sinks and tubs can get grimy and unsightly after some time. Replacing the caulk and grout is something you can handle on your own, and the results are noticeable.


26 July 2018

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